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If you’ve ever parked your car out in the sun on a warm day, you know that the interior of a vehicle can get uncomfortably hot while it’s sitting out there. To prevent that from happening, a lot of people use car window shades. These useful items can be easily placed over car windows to keep the blazing sun from turning the interior into an oven. Car sun protectors like these come in different varieties, including car windshield sun shades (for the front) and rear window sun shades (for the back). You can also get a retractable sun shade for a car, which is designed to be easily pulled down into place when needed.

Car wash professionals have access to a wide range of high-quality car sun blockers through this website. Our wholesale pricing means you can bulk buy all the car sun shades, car roller shades, and related items you need for your retail section. We even have Avengers sun shades and Star Wars windshield shades. For the best products at the lowest prices, you can rely on Superior Car Wash Supply to deliver the goods.
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