Car Wash Pumps

FLOJET Industrial G-57 Series Pumps are designed for general commercial and industrial applications. These pumps are constructed from a selection of materials for handling a broad range of chemicals. Allowed fluids for Santoprene materials: portable water, acids, alkaline, soaps, alcohols, and ketones. Not allowed fluids for Santoprene materials: oils, solvents, soaps with solvents, d-limonene, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Plunger: Plunger Pumps are triplex [three plunger rods] positive displacement, reciprocating, plunger pump, constructed of a forged brass manifold, 304SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard NBR [Buna-N] seals and O-Rings. Cat Pumps are the premier car wash pumps. The high-temperature pumps of the HT series have been designed for use in applications where the water must be pre-heated, such as in carwash, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Maximum temperature of the water through the pump is 185oF (85oC).
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