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The BR200X6BGC BizTalk Business Bundle is the smart choice for your business. At nearly half the cost of other business radios but with the same features and durability, plus Midland’s industry best customer service, you won’t find another radio like it. Designed for professional environments that depend on reliable two-way communication, the BR200 Business Band Walkie Talkie is engineered for push-button communication in large areas, like a 20-story hotel, a 250,000 square foot warehouse, or a building of any size in between. The BR200X6BGC Bundle features six of Midland’s BR200 Business Radios along with a six-radio capacity gang charger that easily houses and recharges up to six radios at once. Indicator lights on the gang charger show when radios are fully charged and ready for use. Featuring 16 pre-programmed business channels, your radio is ready to go out of the box. It also includes rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, 56 business specific frequencies, 142 privacy codes, and voice prompted battery alert and channel selection. Make sure you and your staff are in constant contact with the BR200X6BGC BizTalk Business Radio.
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