What Are the Best-Selling Car Air Freshener Scents?

The Best Car Air FreshenersAs a car wash operator, it is important to know about the current bestselling car air freshener scents. If you guessed brands like Little Trees or Febreze car air fresheners, you’re on the right track! With this knowledge, you’ll be in sync with your customers and help increase the likelihood that they’ll purchase their favorite car air fresheners from your car wash.
Here are the current trending car air fresheners, in no particular order, that you should be stocking and selling at your full-service and self-service carwash locations:

Little Trees Air Fresheners

This car air freshener supplier has been around for quite some time and is easily recognizable by the tree shape. The “Black Ice” scent is very popular with men, and many women. It has a musky, masculine scent.

Febreze Car Vent Air Fresheners

These little, yet powerful air fresheners attach to the air vent inside a vehicle. One great feature about them is they release the scent in small bursts without becoming over-powering. Febreze Car Vents are also designed to last at least 30 days in almost all situations.

Ozium Car Air Fresheners

Ozium air fresheners not only help make vehicles smell better, but also absorb odors, such as cigarette smoke and mildew. Since it is in a spray can, it is easy to use it when you need it and save the product from waste when you don’t.

Yankee Candle Car Air Fresheners

The Yankee Candle brand is very popular because of all of the great candle scents they make. The company has taken many of their candle scents and incorporated them into paper air fresheners and gel air fresheners your customers can use inside their cars. They can be hung from the rearview mirror or from air vents.

California Scents

These air fresheners come in a small can, which can be placed in a cup holder or underneath the seat. The best flavors in this line include “Coronado Cherry”, “Newport New Car”, and “Monterrey Vanilla”.

Little Trees Car Vent Wrap Air Fresheners

These air fresheners come in similar scents as their paper tree air fresheners. The vent wrap fresheners snap onto just about any air vent to distribute the scent all around the vehicle. They are also perfect to use on rear vents to keep things smelling great in the back seat.

Refresh Vent Sticks

Air Freshener Vent ClipsThis is a vent stick air freshener which is perfect to use after detailing the inside of a car to get rid of any “chemical-like” smells from cleaning products. It has a two-step odor eliminator and fragrance delivery system to quickly stop odors and leaves an enjoyable fragrance that lasts for a several days. Refresh is also available in other delivery platforms such as vent bottles, oil diffusers, and gel air fresheners.

Bahama & Co. 3D Car Air Fresheners 

3D car air fresheners are great to use when your customers want their car air freshener to not look like an air freshener. Bahama & Co. offers a wide range of different styles, from ones that look like Hawaiian and Caribbean necklaces to flower blossoms and beach sandals.

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