How Armor All Products Protect Leather Car Interiors

Clean Car Interior LeatherOne of the most popular extras people like in cars is leather upholstery. It looks extremely stylish and is, overall, more resistant to stains and tears than normal cloth upholstery. However, leather upholstery does have one disadvantage—it is harder to clean.
Usually, cleaning leather upholstery requires a soft cloth for cleaning, another soft cloth for drying, a third soft towel for drying, and a solution of five parts water to one-part mild dish soap or Castile soap. While cleaning, you need to take care not to saturate the leather with the soap solution, or else you risk the water seeping into the seat cushions or, worse, staining the leather.

Fortunately, an easier way to clean leather upholstery exists.

Leather car interior wipes, like many other Armor All Products, are a convenient way to remove dirt and soil from leather upholstery. They also restore the supple feel of the leather and enhance its natural beauty, thanks to the conditioners in the wipes. Finally, blocking agents in the wipes protect a car's upholstery against natural disasters such as spills and stains, as well as problems caused by age, such as cracking, discoloration, or fading.

Use Armor All Interior Wipes to Make Your Car Wash More Profitable

Items like leather upholstery car wipes can do more than just clean expensive interiors. They can also boost a car wash's profit margin. Many car washes these days offer additional items aimed at enhancing the car wash experience. Among the most popular items are specialty wipes, such as leather upholstery wipes.

It makes sense, especially when you consider that people are probably thinking about getting their car's interior as clean as the newly washed exterior.

Another fact to consider is that Armor All products, including the Armor All interior cleaners, are extremely popular car wash purchases. Over the years, Armor All products have built up a reputation as superior car care products. That translates into extra sales for any car wash that carries them.

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