Help Your Customers Keep Their Tires Clean with Armor All Tire Foam

Armor All Tire FoamAs a car wash owner and operator, you strive to ensure all of the vehicles that go through your wash come out sparkling and looking great. Part of your washing processes probably includes detailing the tires using Armor All Tire Foam. This product leaves the tires looking great because it draws out the naturally rich, dark black color of the tires. If the vehicle has white walls, it also makes the white shiny and bright.

Selling Armor All Tire Foam at Full Service Car Washes

As most of your customers appreciate how great their tires and wheels look, you can help them keep their tires clean by selling Armor All Tire Foam in your lobby. If you have a full-service wash, you just need to set up a display next to where your customers pay for their car wash services.
You could even have your car wash technicians have extra bottles of it in the area where your customers pick up their cars. They could sell them by suggesting to customers that if they want to keep their tires looking great in between car washes, they should pick up a bottle or two of the tire foam. To further promote the product, you could even stock any onsite vending machines with the tire foam, too!

Selling Armor All Tire Foam at Self-Serve Car Washes

Car Wash SoapIf you have a self-serve car wash where your customers wash and detail their cars on their own, you can still help them get great looking tires and wheels. One way to do this is to have vending machines installed and stocked with the tire foam. In order to draw their attention and get them buying tire foam, you will need to do some creative advertising.
For instance, you could put up step-by-step car washing and detailing instructions in each of your car wash bays, such as:
  1. Spray your vehicle down using clear water to remove excess mud, dirt, and bugs.
  2. Switch the wash setting to the car wash foam soap setting and soak your vehicle in foam, including your tires and wheels.
  3. Allow the foam to set for five minutes to penetrate and loosen up dirt and bugs.
  4. Rinse the soap from the vehicle.
  5. Switch the wash setting to hot wax and spray down the vehicle.
  6. Switch the wash setting to spot-free rinse.
  7. Apply Armor All Tire Foam—available in our vending machines—to your tires and fully cover the sidewalls.
  8. Allow the tire foam to air-dry for five to minutes.
  9. Wipe off any overspray off the rims and buff for a great shine.
Another way you could advertise the tire foam is with little ads stuck on your vacuums near where your customers deposit their quarters. The sign could say something like “Don’t forget to clean your tires with Armor All Tire Foam available in our vending machines!”

To find great prices on Armor All products, including tire foam you can sell at your cash wash, please feel free to shop at Superior Car Wash Supply or contact us at 800-554-9274 to speak with a representative today!