5 Reasons Why Microfiber Is the Best Car Drying Cloth 

Microfiber Cleaning TowelsThere's no better feeling than driving off in a car that smells and looks as good as the first day it was bought. Rarely do consumers have the time or know-how to get that flawless look, which is why car wash businesses are a much-needed and well-appreciated commodity. According to the International Carwash Association, it's estimated that there are around 80,000 professional car wash locations in the U.S. and in Europe.

As the owner of a car wash, it's important to use top-of-the-line car wash supplies so that cars leave your business with a spotless clean.

While it's important to use a car wash cleaner product that is tough on dirt and grime, what's even more important is how you finish off at the car wash. By using the wrong car drying cloth, cars can be left with streaks, spots, and other noticeable flaws.

Keep reading to learn why microfiber detailing towels are the best product to use when drying cars to provide an immaculate finish.

What Is Microfiber?

Proper Way of Washing a CarMicrofiber is a synthetic material that is made with split fibers. When the fibers are split, they're around 200 times thinner than a strand of human hair. The split microfibers become much more absorbent and are able to remove a large amount of dirt, oil, and grease. Microfiber is also great at soaking up water, an important part of getting an effective dryness that leaves behind no streaks or spots.
So why are smaller fibers more effective? Microfibers are able to attach themselves to microscopic dirt particles. Most cloth fibers typically brush past these small pieces of dirt, which over time can build up and become visible.

When microfiber is woven together, the end result is a net-like surface that creates millions of tiny spaces for trapping dirt, debris, and moisture. Microfiber is also able to remove debris from the tiny nooks and crevices where a traditional cotton cloth could not go.

Benefits of Using Microfiber as a Car Drying Cloth

When choosing the best car wash supplies for your business, you'll find that there are all sorts of options to choose from. Just as it’s important to offer high-quality car wash cleaner productprotective waxes, and other finishing products, you'll also want to ensure that you're using the best towels to dry cars.

1. It Attracts Dirt & Grease

When using microfiber detailing towels, not only should the towel remove any excess water, the towel should also wipe away any dirt or grease that was left behind after a wash. Even the most thorough manual and automated washes leave behind dirt, especially on cars that went without a wash for months!

Some towel materials, especially cotton, can cause dirt and grease to smudge, leaving a car looking dirty and flawed, but microfiber material is positively charged, which means it naturally attracts negatively charged particles like dirt and grease. 

By using auto microfiber towels, you never have to worry about a less than perfect wash and dryWith the right drying product and technique, your customers will be satisfied with the look of their car.

2. It's Highly Effective at Removing Water

Another reason to use microfiber towels for cars is that they're much more effective at soaking up water than other towel materials like cotton. Not only can microfiber absorb seven times its weight in water, it offers the same surface area as a cotton towel that is four times as big.

Because microfiber towels are effective at soaking up water, it takes a lot less effort to thoroughly dry a car. This can speed up your car wash operations, allowing you to service a growing number of cars each day.

3. It Increases Productivity

As with any company, time is money, and the same stands true for car washes. By using microfiber towels to dry off cars after they have been washed, your workers will spend less time and effort drying cars. Unlike cotton towels, a microfiber car drying cloth doesn't need to be wrung out after each use. This saves time for your employees, as they can focus on the important tasks versus worrying about drying their towels.

This means that cars can be washed and dried more quickly, opening up more time to service more customersThe more cars your company can detail in a day, the more profit you can expect to make.

4. It's Durable & Long-Lasting

While other towel materials can rip, wear, and start to fray, microfiber towels are designed to be durable and long-lasting. In fact, one study found that microfiber towels improve in performance after being used. The study determined that microfiber cloth performance improved at 75 washes and began to decrease after 150 washes. However, even after 150 washes, the towels were still effective.

Because microfiber towels for cars are so durable, you can spend less money replacing towels. This allows you to reduce the price of your services or spend extra dollars on improving your car wash.

5. It Ensures a Pristine Finish

Cotton towels and other drying options can leave a car full of spots. Air drying a car is the most common culprit of water spots, while drying with a cotton towel can leave streaks and hardened debris. By using only microfiber towels, you can provide customers with cars that look brand new, without any blemishes, streaks, or marks.

Why is this important? The fact is, customers want to see that their hard-earned money went to good use. No consumer wants to spend money at a car wash, only to have their car look less than perfect. Microfiber towels are the best drying option for a car wash business that wants to impress their customers.

Caring for Microfiber Car Wash Towels

Microfiber Towels for Cleaning a Cars DashboardTo extend the life of microfiber car wash towels, it's important to know how to properly care for them. The quickest way to clean a microfiber towel is to boil it. However, microfiber towels can be run through a washing machine if needed.
When cleaning microfiber towels, always wash them separately from any other car wash materials, such as rags and sponges. Remember, microfiber is negatively charged, so, if it's washed with other materials, it will attract dirt, lint, and other debris, which decreases the effectiveness of microfiber.
Microfiber is a quick-drying material, so they can be dried with a very short run through the dryer or by hanging them outdoors.

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