Five Products you Should Own to Keep Your Car Clean

Customers come to a car wash to get their car clean. That may seem like a blindingly obvious statement, but a lot of car wash owners tend to think about stocking their car washes with soda and snack food instead of focusing on car wash products and supplies that will enhance the wash they got for their car.
Car Wash StorefrontThat's a shame because car wash supply companies offer a lot of products that complement the traditional car wash. This gives car wash owners an opportunity to upsell customers on some products they're already inclined to use. We've listed some of the items below for your convenience.

Auto Glass and Headlight Cleaners

Even though windows get cleaned during a car wash, the interior surface may still be dirty. Some of the best car wash supplies you can sell, then, are glass cleaners. If you sell a product like Armor All Glass Cleaner Wipes, you'll earn a lot of sales from customers who can now see the dirt on the inside of their windows, thanks to the outside being so clean.

Many older cars also suffer from their headlights fogging up. Headlight restorer packs are an obvious solution and, again, customers will be aware of how bad their headlights are when compared to the cleanliness of the rest of the car. These wipes will keep headlight lenses looking clear and bright, making them not only more glamorous but safer as well.

Interior Cleaning

Super Clean Car InteriorOf course, car washes can't wash the upholstery or the dashboard also—and, if a car's upholstery and dash are getting washed, something has gone terribly wrong. To take care of this oversight, many people end up buying some car wash products wholesale, such as Armor All Original Protectant Wipes. Running them over dashboards not only cleans the surface but also helps decrease signs of age and wear.
Armor All also makes wipes for cloth upholstery and leather. These provide similar benefits to the Original Protectant, but they are better formulated for their respective materials.
If customers really want to make sure their cars are spotless, though, they'll want a microfiber cloth. This will help absorb even more dust and grime than wipes alone. It's also ideal for cleaning glass, as it will eliminate any smudges without being too abrasive on the window's surface.

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