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Most people prefer to keep their cars and trucks as clean as possible. Going to a car wash like yours certainly helps in maintaining a nice-looking vehicle, but your customers’ automobiles start getting dirty again the minute they roll out of your facility. Your customers should have a few cleaning products in their cars so they can do some quick on-the-go cleaning themselves. For that reason, be sure to keep a selection of vending machine car cleaning towels, windshield glass wipes, and similar items that your customers can purchase at your car wash.

At Superior Car Wash Supply, you can bulk buy all the vending machine towels and cleaning products you need. Here you can check out our wholesale catalog, which includes Armor All cleaning wipes & protective wipes, microfiber cleaning towels, quick dry towels, and a number of other car wash wet towels & leather cleaners. You can always trust us to provide the best commercial car wash products available online.
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