How the Armor All Product Line Keeps Your Car CLEAN!

If there's one truism in the world of car wash owners, it's that you can greatly increase your profits by upselling. Most car washes do this already by charging to use vacuum cleaners or with a vending machine or two for snacks. However, one area car wash owners should reexamine is car care items.
When we talk about "car care items," though, we're not just talking about air fresheners. We're talking about items that can supplement your customers' car wash experience—specifically, Armor All products.

Armor All products are an ideal upsell to your customers since most of those products can help clean the inside of the car. Customers will have the ability to give their cars a chance to look as nice as they would when they leave an auto detailer.

Buying wholesale Armor All products is sure to bump up your bottom line, and it will keep your customers coming back to make sure their cars look fantastic.

Armor All Original Protectant and Its Variations

Armor All Protectant WipesThe Armor All Original Protectant is what most people think of when they envision the product. The Original Protectant was designed to not only clean away dirt and dust but also help stop plastic, rubber, and vinyl from prematurely aging, discoloring, fading, and cracking. It's ideal for use on dashboards, door panels, consoles, and vinyl sheets, but you can also use it on tires and bumpers.
Not all cars have vinyl seats or plastic interiors, though. That's where Armor All's Leather Care Protectant comes in.

Armor All Leather Care provides the same cleaning power as the Original Protectant, but with the added benefit of special cleansers that can get dirt and soil out of the grain of the leather. Armor All's Leather Care also includes conditioners to help keep leather feeling supple and provides some protection against damage from spills and sun. Your customers will get the most use out of the Leather Care Protectant on any leather paneling, not to mention any leather on the dashboard and seats.

For people with cloth seats, make sure you offer the Armor All Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. This cleaner is great for getting spots and stains out of cloth seats, and it also works wonders on floor mats. It can even get rid of oily dirt and grime, which can be a blessing to anyone who got their car dirty after making an emergency repair or changing a tire.

Some customers really want their interior to gleam, which is where Armor All's Ultra Shine Protectant comes in. It offers all the cleaning and protection that the original Protectant offers, but adds in Armor All's gloss enhancers to deliver a shine that is right out of the showroom.

If a customer's car has a matte finish, on the other hand, Armor All's Matte Finish Protectant would be their best bet. In contrast to the Ultra Shine Protectant, the Matte Finish Protectant gives the interior paneling, dashboard, and vinyl seats a deep, rich look.

Finally, for customers who don't want to invest in multiple types of protectants and cleaners, Armor All has an all-purpose interior detailer cleaner that was designed with multi-purpose cleaning and restoration in mind. This cleaner was meant to be used on multiple surfaces, so it's a good choice to recommend to a customer who is struggling to make a choice about what types of Armor All cleaner will work best in their car.    

Glass and Screen Cleaner

Armor All Glass WipesAfter your customers finish with the interior surfaces of their car, they might decide since they're at the car wash already that they should clean their windows. Granted, the exterior of their windows might be clean from the car wash, but, if you offer Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner, your customers will be able to clean the interiors of their windows with an ammonia-free formula that is safe on auto glass.
The Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner gets rid of fingerprints, which should make a lot of parents very happy. However, it can also get rid of any other residue that might leave a film on your windows.

Wheel and Tire Cleaner

While car washes can clean wheels and tires, they can't give them the kind of shine Armor All Wheel Cleaners and Tire Cleaners provide. This is an excellent opportunity for you. The Armor All Wheel Cleaners clean and polish the chrome on each tire, while the Armor All Tire Cleaner gives your tires either a high-gloss wet look or a deep matte black finish that leaves your car tires looking as though they were cut out of a magazine ad.

Bug and Tar Remover

Bugs and tar are notoriously hard to get off cars. Armor All Bug and Tar Cleaner has been formulated to remove both of those items while still protecting the car's shine. These two facts provide a good reason for you to stock some Armor All Bug and Tar Cleaner to aid customers whose cars emerge from your car wash with some stubborn bits of dirt and grime still clinging to their vehicles.


The Armor All cleaning sponge series of products might be the best Armor All products for a car wash to sell. These sponges are saturated with Armor All cleaners and protectants, so all you have to do is open up the package and start wiping it over the desired area. The solution will saturate the car's surface, and the sponge will wipe up the excess afterward.

The Armor All sponges are ideal for car washes to sell since one sponge can usually take care of one car. You can sell Armor All cleaning sponges filled with the Original Protectant, Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Tire and Trim Ultra Shine.

Wipes, Sprays, and Gels

Armor All Multi Purpose Auto CleanerEven after you've selected the Armor All products you think your customers might like, there's still the question of the best packaging in which to sell them. Armor All packages their products in three different ways—wipes, sprays, and gels.
Car wash owners will probably have the most success selling Armor All wipes. These are convenient and fast, and let customers touch up their upholstery, dashboards, and side panels immediately after purchase. The wipes come in two-packs, which easily fit in vending machines and are useful for people who want to touch up the interior of their car.

If customers need more wipes, though, they might want to purchase the Armor All product in a 15-wipe container to completely treat their car's interior. However, at that point, they may also just opt for getting a spray bottle.

Armor All spray bottles come in sizes ranging from 4 ounces to 16 ounces. If you're going to stock these, you might want to also include some microfiber cloths (or the Armor All sponge) to give customers a car detailing a solution that is as convenient as the microfiber wipes.

Armor All gels might not be as popular as sprays or wipes among car wash customers, but, if your car wash has a significant customer base with leather upholstery, you might want to invest in it. Many car owners with leather upholstery claim to prefer Armor All Leather Care Gel because it gives them more control when applying the product to the upholstery.

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