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For a lot of people, car floor mats seem like an unnecessary expense, but the fact is that they fulfill several important functions. Auto floor mats keep dirty footwear from fouling up the carpeting of the car's interior (and these products are easy to clean when that happens). Vehicle floor mats also prevent wear and tear caused by the hard rubber soles of shoes and boots. People who habitually eat in their cars have the additional benefit of protection from spilled food and drinks. These are all good reasons to keep a supply of carpet mats at your car wash facility for your customers. You can find the best all-weather floor mats available online at Superior Car Wash Supply!

We have literally dozens of rubber car mats online for you to choose from. Please feel free to check out our current inventory of heavy-duty car floor mats from the premier manufacturers of these products. When you shop at Superior Car Wash Supply, we make it easy for you to purchase luxury car mats at unbeatable wholesale prices, and we hope you’ll keep us in mind for your future purchases!
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Mat/Swc Rack (16Mats/12Swc)
Item No. 99924 In stock, Price is per one unit
Floor Mat Rack 4' Low Profile
Item No. 99926 Low stock
Floor Mat Rack 6' Tall 70 Piece
Item No. 99927 Low stock
Angled Mat Rack - 20 Piece
Item No. 99928 Low stock

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